The RapidFS card is issued by MetaBank, a member of the FDIC, under license from MasterCard International. The prepaid card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. These are some of the services associated with RapidFS Connection Portal.


  • Purchase at the point of sale (including refunds if available).
  • Access to payment at Allpoint ATMs.
  • Request a check.
  • Bank transfer to a bank account.
  • Checks can be easily processed using the toll-free customer service number (877.380.0980).
  • SMS notifications on your phone are a convenient way to check your RapidFS card balance on the official website www.rapidfs.com. Sign in to RapidFS.com and select Notifications. Additionally, users can verify balance information by simply texting “BAL” to 90831 on their cell phones.

RapidFS User Features

On the RapidFS login page, users can use the listed services:

  • Users can easily check their account balance after login into this RapidFS portal.
  • Users can also regularly view transaction history.
  • If you login into this portal, you can pay your bills online.
  • Sign up to receive SMS or email notifications after login into this portal.
  • Book flights or hotels in seconds.
  • After registering, find out here about the different savings plans.
  • Receive the latest news and updates.


Reward Redemption – Shop Well and Earn Money Every Month. It is so simple that no promo code or coupon is required. Users should visit the official website www.rapidfs.com for more relevant data and view all offers.

Free Savings Account – Registered users may prefer card savings account services. Account-holders can also use this special feature to schedule automatic changes. Go to the official platform www.rapidfs.com to register and get a free savings account.

Pay Bills – Pay your bills online or over the phone with your card balance for a small lump sum per registered account.

Depending on the available balance, the card can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs and purchase goods or services up to the US $ 3,500 per day. Registered users cannot make more than five ATM transactions or twenty purchases per day.