About Us

RapidFS is an officially authenticated prepaid card from Bancorp Bank. Unlike other prepaid cards available, users need a credit check to receive this card. In addition to convenient use for everyday use, Rapid Card also offers the convenience of accessing an online account with RapidFS.com.


RapidFS can be used to make instant payments for social security levies and tax refunds, including annuities. Additionally, RapidFS can be used to withdraw cash and make payments at all ATMs and stores that accept VISA debit cards.

RapidFS! PayCard is even a decent way to pay delegates. Instead of sending a check, companies can simply hand them a RapidFS card which, when activated at www.rapidfs.com, can be used to access their payroll.

This way, employees can save trips to the bank to cash the check and don’t have to worry about the clerical work associated with losing the check. With the official RapidFS employee who would otherwise receive a physical credit card. Users can now register and receive a quick access card online.


Manage a RapidFS! Visa or Mastercard payment card online at www.rapidfs.com. RapidFS! PayCard is a powerful financial service for employers that provides employees without a traditional banking relationship an electronic payroll. It saves time and money for employees and employers when cashing checks and is safer than cash as funds are protected by Visa and MasterCard zero liability programs.

Eliminate the hassle of losing checks and paying check-cashing fees with a rapidfs.com credit card. Employees receive SMS notifications, dealer discounts, interest savings, online bill payments, free Allpoint ATM withdrawals, and more. Since this is not a credit card, there are no overdraft or credit check fees.

Log in to an account with RapidFS by visiting the home page and entering the user ID and password associated with an account. If the account has not yet been created, click “Login” for the first time and enter the 16-digit employer-issued card number.

Users may be required to provide identifying information such as name, age, and date of birth, as well as an email address for authorization. After receiving an authorization email, enter the code to access the account. If using a PC, users can select the “Remember this computer” option so that they do not need a password to log in to this device.