Customer Support

Once you activate your RapidFS card, you can use it for many purposes that make your financial life easier. One of the best ways to make your financial life easier is to use the portal. The portal also saves you from having to carry money with you everywhere and therefore the fear of “losing money”.


Registration on this portal is easy with a series of minimum requirements. If you need help with an account or would like to report a lost or stolen card, please call (877) 380-0980. RapidFS Login also significantly increases usability for employers. To speak with a sales specialist, call (888) 828-2270.

Log into a RapidFS login account by entering the user ID and password associated with an account on the login screen. If you have not yet registered your account, click “New Registration” and enter your 16-digit employer-issued card number.

RapidFS may share data about the specific user, card, and transactions made with third parties: as necessary or useful to verify or complete a particular transaction; Report card history and status to companies that are accountable to customers.


Although no credit history is required to obtain approval for RapidFS services, users from time to time consent to the Company obtaining credit reports and information from third parties to confirm the identity of fraud and reasonable abuse of Rapid Card verification.

All contractual, material, or other matters related to the effectiveness, analysis, interpretation or application of this specific agreement that is ultimately governed by the laws of the United States and, except in the case of a dispute, the rules of the ‘State of Utah.

Users can only access the RapidFS login portal in online mode. Your company’s human resources department is authorized to provide this card. You can complete the online registration simply by completing a simple registration form. The RapidFS card will be sent to you a few days after placing your order.

The map portal provides users with regular payments and updates for each registered user. Also, they make sure that the user doesn’t spam in any way.